Don't take my word for it.....


"Jamin revolutionized the way that I dance and teach. I can't thank him enough."


"Jamin has taken something as difficult as Lindy Hop and made it so accessible to the masses."


"Jamin strips away the confusing stylistic glitter that can distract from the true kernel of what makes lindy hop enjoyable for both the lead and the follow."


"Jamin helps you focus on what really matters, and not get distracted by all the other stuff."


"He taught me more than moves, but ways to tap into my own creativity!"


"He gives you the right tools necessary to have the right technique to began exploring your creative personality in the dance."


"He doesn't waist time with fluff. Jamin gets down to the philosophical point of what you are trying to accomplish, by giving you the tools to practice at home."

Julia and Pablo

"Jamin's explanations are solid and very clear. The content is fun, fresh and has tons of creativity."


"Jamin Jackson is one of the most creative dancers that I've ever met. He always creates new moves and is never satisfied with the status quo.